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Gluten Free Pad Thai Zucchini
+ Quinoa Salad

This pad Thai zucchini noodle and quinoa salad is a lightened up version of a takeout staple. Clean ingredients, tons of flavor and packed with nutrients!

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Eat Pizza without Having
to Worry about Carbs 😲

Pizza? At all times I’ll tell you yes, and who won’t? But just thinking about everything that my body will store and how difficult it will be to get rid of it makes me hesitate to eat it often. What a pity!

But anymore!

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3 Post-Workout Smoothies
that Actually Help Your body

These three smoothies are absolutely scrumptious, but they’re also packed with nutritious ingredients. All three start with a base of spinach (I always make sure to add greens to my smoothies), then we layer in fruit, some form of protein, and a bit of fat.

That’ why they are so good to take after training and get all the benefits.

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Easy Dinner Ideas:
Vegan Spicy Noodle Soup

I love spicy food, so it was only natural that a spicy noodle soup episode was going to be filmed! If you like pho or ramen, you will love this too!

Join me and learn how to make an easy vegan spicy noodle soup!

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10 Fantastic Smoothies
to Start Losing Weight

Start your day with a healthy breakfast smoothie that are packed with all the protein, fruits, and veggies you need to power your day. Here we have for you 10 healthy smoothies for weight loss to include into your diet.

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Lose Weight as You Beat Cravings
with These Vegan Tacos

These tacos are a real treat and a real fiesta!

Join me in this episode and learn how to make these delicious vegan pulled pork style BBQ jack fruit tacos.

Hold onto your sombrero because these tacos are too easy to make, you’ll want these for more than just taco Tuesday.

Let’s begin!!

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3 Vibrant Vegan Summer Salads
that Will Totally Refresh You

Summer salads for the win! Are you guys with me on the fact that summer is for refreshing, crunchy, cooling foods? (Except for when it’s raining of course.) 🤣

In this video I’m sharing three easy and refreshing salads to enjoy in the summer sun.

I really hope you will want to give them a go and enjoy this video!

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10 Iron-Rich Foods
to Supplement Your Diet

Iron is found in every single cell in our body. The primary function of iron in our body is the production of hemoglobin. Our hemoglobin molecules, which are essential for carrying oxygen throughout our system. Aside from just being important for oxygen, iron is also stored in our liver, spleen and bone marrow, which can be drawn from in case we need a little extra for hemoglobin production.

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3 Healthy Vegan Desserts
so Easy to Make (no bake!)

Today we’ve got three delicious & healthy vegan NO BAKE desserts. These recipes are easy to make, taste amazing and are perfect for the summer. Or keep a stash of these healthy dessert recipes in your freezer for easy snack all year round!

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2 Quick & Delicious
Vegan Dinner Ideas

We’re making two vegan pasta recipes today, both with delicious vegan cream sauces.

First up we have a vegan mushroom stroganoff, and then we’re making a vegan Cacio e Pepe pasta. Both of these recipes are great for vegan meal prep, they can be enjoyed as a quick dinner recipe, and they taste delicious!