Supplements That Are Great For
Acne & Hormone Balance

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A skincare routine using supplements to cure acne naturally!

This video is for you guys with acne prone skin, to show how to get rid of acne; or at least how I did it anyway. I suffered with horrible, painful acne from my early adulthood and only within the last year have I found how to cure acne with supplements – and I wanted to share what I’ve discovered with all you guys I experienced severe hormonal acne and zits just about everywhere on my face, my cheeks, forehead, jaw and nostrils but it was especially tender and sore to touch on my chin.

The slightest brush or knock would tear the skin and cause me incredible pain! I’m sure some of you guys can relate. I tried almost every drug and pill out there.

Some with crazy side effects that I didn’t even want to know about! My doctor has exhausted his entire list of drugs to prescribe before I turned to natural supplements for my acne.

Well, today I’m talking about my story and how I finally achieved good clear skin, my skin care routine and the supplements I am using currently – Vitex and DIM Complex for acne. These brilliant hormonal acne supplements worked amazingly, they’re all natural and have zero side effects!

For an extra added kick, you could also add some flaxseed oil and fish oil to really control your breakouts and fix any hormone balance issues. So give them a try!

Author: Roxy Luna