Take Less than 10 min
to Make this Creamy Keto Quesadilla

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In case you are still looking for easy Keto meal ideas, I have these low-carb recipes use a rotisserie chicken that you pick up at your grocery store.

The meat from a rotisserie chicken and be used for 2-3 Keto dinner recipes so it makes a great meal prep solution. This recipe is for a Keto quesadilla with chicken and creamy sriracha.

I like to make this easy Keto meal on busy weeknights when I’m working hard from home. Even they make the perfect Keto lunch or dinner.


Low Carb Tortillas or Coconut Wraps
2-3 cups of shredded rotisserie chicken
3 Tablespoons sour cream
2 Tablespoons of sriracha
1 Β½ cups shredded cheese
ΒΌ cup of cilantro

β„˜ Combine the sour cream and sriracha in a bowl.
β„˜ Mix in chicken, cheese, and cilantro until combined.
β„˜ Lay down tortilla or wrap on a greased skillet and top with chicken mixture.
β„˜ Spread evenly. Top with another tortilla or wrap.
β„˜ Once the first side is browned, flip over to cook the other side.
β„˜ Remove when second side is browned.

So easy, isn’t? 😝

Author: Roxy Luna