Get All the Zinc You Need
with These 7 SUPER FOODS

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Zinc helps in the production of about 100 types of enzymes in our body. It acts as an antioxidant and neutralizes the effects of free radicals, preventing cancer. It also stimulates the production of blood in the body. Zinc promotes the synthesis of collagen, which is a necessary element in wound healing.

Here are 7 best zinc rich foods you should include in your diet…

A cup of cooked spinach provides 1.4 mg of zinc, contributing 9% DV of this mineral.

A cup serving of cooked white mushrooms provides 1.4 mg or 9% DV of zinc.

Pumpkin Seeds: A 100 gram serving contains about 10.3 mg of zinc, contributing 69% DV of this mineral.

Peanuts: 100 grams serving contains 3.27 mg which is 21% DV of zinc.

100 grams serving contains 2.7 mg which is 16% DV of zinc.

100 grams serving contains 1.16 mg which is 11% DV of zinc.

One fresh pomegranate providing 1 mg of zinc. 

Author: Roxy Luna